At the begining we name our brand as Bobolink. However when we try to search on different search engines by this name we always has as result "small bird" :) So we made decision to change it to BobolinkWoodBest


Our workshop is based in Karpatians, wonderful Ukrainian mountains. Creating masterpieces, we use only natural woods, moreover, we never cut down the trees! BobolinkWoodBest takes only those ones which were fallen from natural environmental processes. We honor our Home and everything on it.We produce not only the tableware for your house but also an inspiration for you to make magic in your home 🏡. We hope you'll love our creations as much as we do, therefore, buying plates from our collections, be confident that you get high-quality and unique item. Sincerely, Ukrainian woodmaster team BobolinkWoodBest



BobolinkWoodBest started as a hobby and turned to

 small family business where we enjoy to do craft from wood  and  sell on different eccomerce platforms.

Regards, Mykhaylo and Olga Fedunyak